Metaphysical Crystals

Crystal Sphere

  • Strawberry Quartz Sphere 2 lbs 3.5 oz 89 mm 9121 cc
  • 3.2 LB Yellow and Brown Agate Druzy Tower Agate Druzy Unique Crystals Agate Crystal with Druze Agate Druze
  • Large Teal Ocean Jasper Sphere With Stand, Crystal Sphere
  • Uvarovite Sphere 101 mm Garnet Ball Uvarovite Crystal Healing Sphere S027 Rare Crystal Sphere by UralMountainsFinds
  • Multitudes of Agate Banding Surrounding Amethyst Sphere
  • Ocean Jasper Sphere with Druzy from Madagascar, Crystal Ball, Divine Feminine, Healing Crystal, Reiki
  • Amazing Rainbow Golden Rutilated Smokey Quartz Crystal Sphere, Crystal Ball, Rutilated Sphere, Smokey Quartz Sphere
  • Bumble Bee Jasper Sphere 10.0 oz and 60 mm 2511 cc
  • White Snow Quartz Large 7 Lb. Crystal Ball 5 Wide Polished Sphere Beautiful Reiki, Home Décor, Altar Display Fast and Free Shipping
  • Natural Spider Web Jasper Sphere, Crystal Sphere, Healing Sphere, Brown Sphere, Spider Web Jasper Crystal, Brown Ball, Healing stone.
  • RARE XL Lazulite Crystal Sphere Top Quality Hand Polished Stone Canada Dream Stone Astral Travel Home Decor Gift Meditation 1
  • Rose Quartz Sphere (3.75 ) with stand heart chakra crystal
  • Large Rose Quartz Sphere Rose Quartz Crystal Ball Crystal Ball
  • Large Aura Agate Druzy Sphere Opal Aura Geode Crystal Ball Large Crystal Druzy Agate Sphere
  • 767g Pink Amethyst Crystal Sphere with stand, 83mm
  • XL Labradorite Sphere, Polished Labradorite Crystal Ball, Healing Crystal, LS09