Metaphysical Crystals


  • Malachite Natural Unique Polished Crystal Piece 226g (Beautifully Gift Wrapped)
  • Green Terminated Quartz Crystal Green Tourmaline Specimen
  • Skull Hiso Jasper Crystal Realistic
  • Bright Malachite Sphere with Stand
  • Moldavite Herkimer Diamond Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant Genuine Czech Green Tektite Holy Grail Spiritual Development Tool
  • 4.1kgs(AS90) single pieces the shining green best polished quality of andara Crystal Monatomic full polished surface
  • Epidote Large Raw A
  • 1.3kgs(AS41) Special item True Rainbow Green Blue yellow of andara Crystal Monatomic natural rough rare limited
  • Malachite raw, natural heart chakra healing, crystaline and stalactite specimens from Congo
  • 4.4kgs Special new style Small Green Leaf Relief of Andara Crystal Monatomic natural full polished surface masterpiece
  • Rare Dark Green Tourmaline with Purple Apatites and Bertrandrite
  • Certified Glossy Big Moldavite
  • 1.1kgs(022)special 5pcs yellow, milky red, milky yellow, milky green blue, Bicolours of andara Crystal Monatomic natural rough