Metaphysical Crystals


  • Large Apophyllite Cluster , Zeolite Cluster , Stilbite Crystal ,clear white apophyllite Cluster , 1 Piece 3 Kg
  • 2-1 2 LBS Arkansas Clear Quartz Cluster, Large and Mine Fresh, 1110.20 Grams, 1.42 LBS, CR6276
  • Moldavite Necklace Out of This World energy American Seller Fast Shipping
  • 1.5 lb Natural Purple Chalcedony Grape Agate
  • Extra Large Purple and Green Fluorite Tower
  • Clear Quartz Generator for Manifestation and Clarity
  • Celestite Raw Cluster Crystal
  • LARGE Gold SHEEN Obsidian Crystal Skull 5 Long 14.5 Circumference
  • Arcturian Crystal Skull With Tiger Eye Eyes. Group Consciousness And connection To Arcturian Counsell. Healing from lower density. 159D
  • Rodin coil scalar toroidal vortex wave generator
  • Quartz Crystal Colored Singing Bowls Set Including 7 bowls Sizes 6 12 432 Hz Two Carrier Bags