Metaphysical Crystals

Natural Crystal

  • 58 Cts. Super Seven Melody Stone Quartz Crystal Flat Gemstoner W 901
  • 62 Ct. Colorful Garden Quartz Sterling Silver Ring Size 8 C 296
  • Red Coral ,100 Natural beautiful Rare Red Coral Branches Minerals Specimen A1376
  • Vanadinite-Beautiful natural Red Vanadinite Crystal on Matrix Mineral Specimen Morocco A1653
  • Rare Seaside Picture Agate, Landscape, Great Patterns, Raw Crystal, High-Quality Agate, Crystal Therapy, Natural Untreated
  • Natural Pure Quality Quartz With Chlorite Ganesh Himalaya Nepal Y 91
  • CRYSTAL Natural Complete Vivianite Mineral Specimen A1620
  • Beautiful Antlerite Crystal Stone Gift Jewel Treasure Sierra Valenzuela, Chile V HIGH ENERGY Stone 2.2
  • Natural Quartz Crystal Skull,Skull Rainbow Carved, Hand Carved Quartz Skull, Spiritual Healing Energy
  • Natural Crystal Pendant, Inner Scene Carving Fish , Reiki Healing L071423
  • Video1.89 Rainbow Quartz Crystal Sphere with Enhydro And Penetrator Quartz Y 217
  • HEMIMORPHITE Natural Vivid Sky Blue hemimorphite Crystal Mineral Specimen A1236
  • Brandberg Amethyst 925 Silver Pendant Genuine, Rare Namibia Stone Faceted High Quality Lavender- Purple Crystal
  • Inner Mongolia crystal Natural new discovery Himalaya Crystal Matrix Specimen From Inner Mongolia
  • 31.89 Crt Rare Electric Blue Green High Grade Grandidierite Partial Crystal . High Grade Crystal Section.
  • 163 gm Raw Morganite from Nigeria, Large Natural Morganite Piece, Raw Morganite, Natural crystal, Raw, large Morganite
  • 81 Ct. Colorful Garden Penetrator Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant 24
  • 211 Ct. Sparkly Pyrite Galore Included In Quartz Crystal In Sterling Silver C 94