Metaphysical Crystals


  • 1680g NATURAL Pink FLUORITE Quartz Crystal Mineral Specimen Y162
  • Clear Quartz Cluster- Raw Crystal Cluster- Clear Quartz Quartz- Natural Quartz- Brazil
  • Doubly Term Red Hematite and Amethyst Quartz, Gobobosebberge Mnt, Namibia
  • 51g Double Herkimer Diamond on Attached Marcasite Dolomite Stand 11
  • Large Himalayan Natural Smokey Quartz Cluster Q134
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Obelisk
  • Clear Quartz Large 1 Lb. 4 oz. Crystal Ball 2 Wide Polished Sphere Beautiful Altar Display Stunning Silver and Rainbow Inclusions
  • 186 ct Vorobyevite Beryl Crystals with Quartz unknown metallic crystal on Feldspar
  • Gold Rutile Cognac Smoky Quartz Display Specimen Hair of Freyja
  • 81 Ct. Colorful Garden Penetrator Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant 24
  • 211 Ct. Sparkly Pyrite Galore Included In Quartz Crystal In Sterling Silver C 94
  • 767g Pink Amethyst Crystal Sphere with stand, 83mm