Metaphysical Crystals


  • 827g New Find Raw Natural rare Garnet crystal specimens Y135
  • 1.3kgs(AS41) Special item True Rainbow Green Blue yellow of andara Crystal Monatomic natural rough rare limited
  • Mango Quartz, Rare Halloysite Included Crystal
  • 1502g Madagascar Rare Split Ammonite Fossil Specimen Shell Healing
  • Pyrite Shaman Stone, Seer Stone (Clear Vision), Sacred River Concretion, New Find, Shaman's Gold, Protection, Colombia Z350
  • 2kgs 3pcs Special rare 3 colour green,Tosca, black of andara Crystal Monatomic natural rough
  • Rare Meteorite Created Gemstones
  • Rare Dark Green Tourmaline with Purple Apatites and Bertrandrite
  • 334-680gr in 6pcs Mix 6 Colours small set of andara Crystal Monatomic natural polished surface rare
  • Natural Amethyst Crystal from Brazil Natural mineral purple Gemstone Tip collectible minerals gift