Metaphysical Crystals


  • Almost 5 LBS Rough Golden Moss Agate with Druze
  • Natural Polished Fossil Coral Sphere Ball, Healing, Reiki, Gift, Decor
  • We Tried Reiki With Crystal Healing The Sass With Susan And Sharzad
  • 1.5 lb Natural Purple Chalcedony Grape Agate
  • Clear Quartz Generator for Manifestation and Clarity
  • Throat Chakra Balancing Orgonite Pyramid Lamp- Vishuddha
  • Celestite Raw Cluster Crystal
  • Extra Large Selenite Tower Mountain Lamp 16 10 lbs (light hole on bottom) Light and Cord included and LED color light included
  • 1.23LB Natural Malachite Sphere Quartz Crystal Ball Sphere Mineral Specimen Reiki Healing Stone Divination ball Collection 1PC
  • Beautiful Scolecite Shiva Lingam Scolecite Crystal Large Scolecite Eggs Scolecite Lingam Healing Crystals Crystal Healing Reiki