Metaphysical Crystals
  1. You Choose RARE Genuine RAW Moldavite 5.30-5.39g from Czech Republic
  2. 1680g NATURAL Pink FLUORITE Quartz Crystal Mineral Specimen Y162
  3. 4 pound 8 ounce Garnierite from Madagascar
  4. 827g New Find Raw Natural rare Garnet crystal specimens Y135
  5. LIVE SALE Private Listing caveofmysticwonder
  6. 1.3kgs(AS41) Special item True Rainbow Green Blue yellow of andara Crystal Monatomic natural rough rare limited
  7. Australian Mookaite Carved Crystal Skull-Crystal Skull-Realistic Crystal Human Skull-Decision Making
  8. Amethyst Clear Quartz Crystal Stellated Dodecahedron Asteroid 12 Pointed Star Double Merkabah Sacred Geometry Platonic Solid Reiki
  9. Handsome DROP Real Czech moldavite from CHLUM 2020 , 4.3 grams, 30x13x13 mm, yellowish green, rough surface, gorgeous deep structure
  10. RESERVED for Alison
  11. Craziest Wild Crystals Live
  12. HEMIMORPHITE Natural Vivid Sky Blue hemimorphite Crystal Mineral Specimen A1236
  13. Set Chakra beads Pendant wire wraps andara crystal with gold filled wire
  14. Large Apophyllite Cluster , Zeolite Cluster , Stilbite Crystal ,clear white apophyllite Cluster , 1 Piece 3 Kg
  15. Orange Tree of Life, Large Dream catcher wall hanging, expectannt mothers day gifts, astrology gift, personalized zodiac dream catcher
  16. 5.06LB Natural Rose Quartz Sphere Crystal Ball,Divination Ball,Rock,Festival Surprise,Crystal Collection,Boyfriend Gift,Girlfriend Gift 1P
  17. Rainbow Fluorite Large Tower 100 Genuine Spiritual Healing Crystal Mineral Stone RSR531 CERTIFICATED
  18. MOONSTONE Crystal Skull 5 Skull Decor, Memento Mori Gothic Home Decor Halloween TSG
  19. Malachite raw, natural heart chakra healing, crystaline and stalactite specimens from Congo
  20. Dragon Ball Legends My Luckiest Ever Summons 20k Crystals For Lf Kid Buu And Vegeta
  21. 2-1 2 LBS Arkansas Clear Quartz Cluster, Large and Mine Fresh, 1110.20 Grams, 1.42 LBS, CR6276
  22. 6.31LB Natural Bismuth Ore,Quartz Crystal Specimen,Mineral Specimen,Crystal Tower,Home decoration,For her,For Girlfriend,Reiki Healing Gifts
  23. Danburite Crystal Charcas, Mexico, Beautifully Clean Formation 138.9g
  24. Clear Quartz Cluster- Raw Crystal Cluster- Clear Quartz Quartz- Natural Quartz- Brazil
  25. Doubly Term Red Hematite and Amethyst Quartz, Gobobosebberge Mnt, Namibia
  26. Brandberg Amethyst 925 Silver Pendant Genuine, Rare Namibia Stone Faceted High Quality Lavender- Purple Crystal
  27. Boulder Opal gemstone pendant with Ethiopian Opal and Black Precious Opal, in copper. Synergetic Amplification Of One's Emotions
  28. Chrysocolla Stone from Zaire, Large High Grade Raw Chrysocolla Specimen, Turquoise Chrysocolla, Raw Crystals and Stones, Rocks and Minerals
  29. Large Rare Lepidolite and Blue Tourmaline Tower
  30. Almost 5 LBS Rough Golden Moss Agate with Druze
  31. Labradorite Skull
  32. Natural Black Obsidian Carved Dragon Figurine, Black Obsidian Winged Dragon Statue, Black Obsidian Carved Crystal Elemental 960mm 247g
  33. Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Large 7 Lb. 9 oz. Cluster 9 Long Electric Pink and Green Rainbow Iridescent Sparkling Points Fast Shipping
  34. Large Rose Quartz Sphere Rose Quartz Crystal Ball Crystal Ball
  35. LIVE SALE Private Listing iamjess
  36. Etched Blue Herderite from Mozambique Rare 23.9mm 26.2 carats
  37. Large Shungite Pyramid 100x100 mm (3.9x3,9 in),Big Shungite Pyramid 100mm,shungite 100 100mm pyramid,XL Shungite Pyramid,Shungite Pyramid 4
  38. Ussingite crystal egg.Ussingite with Hackmanite mineral egg from Lovozero massif 56mm height.
  39. Ruby Kyanite Egg Ruby Kyanite Kyanite Kyanite Egg Throat Chakra Stone Energy Stone Love Stone Abundance Stone Healing Stone
  40. Inner Mongolia crystal Natural new discovery Himalaya Crystal Matrix Specimen From Inner Mongolia
  41. A GIANT Over 12 Pound Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster 5727gr
  42. Ancient Agate Bead strands Chung DZI Double Eye Beads Himalayas Amulet Necklace
  43. Natural Polished Citrine Generator Point from Madagascar
  44. 4.4kgs Special new style Small Green Leaf Relief of Andara Crystal Monatomic natural full polished surface masterpiece
  45. Large Brecciated Jasper sphere
  46. Amethyst Heart, Uruguay Amethyst, Amethyst Stalactite, Amethysts, Amethyst, Purple Stone, Amethyst Geode, Gemtlesg, Geode, Heart Geode
  47. Clear Madagascar Wand, Window Crystal, Penetrator or Bridge Crystal, Key Crystal, Magician's Wand, Madagascar, 122 grams
  48. Moldavite Necklace Out of This World energy American Seller Fast Shipping
  49. 51g Double Herkimer Diamond on Attached Marcasite Dolomite Stand 11
  50. Natural Polished Fossil Coral Sphere Ball, Healing, Reiki, Gift, Decor
  51. I Tried A 10 000 Crystal Healing Bed Here S What I Learned
  52. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with Mic for Phone-Call and Alexa Voice Control, Black
  53. How People Act With Crystals
  54. 2 lb SMOKY QUARTZ Polished Generator Point 5 for grounding SG52
  55. We Tried Reiki With Crystal Healing The Sass With Susan And Sharzad
  56. blue cubic fluorite 1922 grams from fu Jian province raw and beautiful
  57. Large Himalayan Natural Smokey Quartz Cluster Q134
  58. Large Aura Agate Druzy Sphere Opal Aura Geode Crystal Ball Large Crystal Druzy Agate Sphere
  59. Sale 5kg Andara crystal charming charms
  60. Rainbow Smokey sphere with stand
  61. 31.89 Crt Rare Electric Blue Green High Grade Grandidierite Partial Crystal . High Grade Crystal Section.
  62. Exquisite Druzy Agate Sphere
  63. 1954 Gram Damage Free 100 Natural and Unheated Blue Lapis Tumble
  64. Gemstone Lovers Valentine's Day Gift Box, gift for her, gift for him, healing stone, gift box, crystals, curated gift box, healing stones
  65. Kcl The Power Of Gemstones
  66. 1.5 lb Natural Purple Chalcedony Grape Agate
  67. Original Lovestoned Crystal Heart Box
  68. Mango Quartz, Rare Halloysite Included Crystal
  69. Crystals For Beginners How To Program Your Crystals To Manifest Your Desires
  70. Energy Crystal Healing Lo Fi Asmr Old School
  71. All About Magical Crystals U0026 Their Powers
  72. XL Cherry Blossom Agate Sphere, Cherry Blossom Agate
  73. ASTROPHYLLITE Crystal Skull LARGE 5 Healing Crystals and Stones, Gothic Home Decor Halloween
  74. Extra Large Purple and Green Fluorite Tower
  75. My Halloween Crystal Collection U0026 Metaphysical Haul 2020 The Cutest Halloween Crystals
  76. Gorgeous Banded Jasper Sphere, 66mm Ocean Jasper Sphere, Ocean Jasper Sphere
  77. 1502g Madagascar Rare Split Ammonite Fossil Specimen Shell Healing
  78. Massive Apophyllite and stilbite specimen very clear directly from a total show piece it s definitely a great collection piece
  79. Rose Quartz Crystal Obelisk
  80. Himalayan Chlorite Quartz Large Cluster
  81. Natural Fluorite Quartz Crystal Hand Carved Crystal Skull Christmas present Quartz Crystal Skull Healing
  82. STUNNING RARE 149g 3 Ferroaxinite Epidote in Amethyst Quartz Crystal Cluster Sparkling Purple Glitter Ferro Axinite Composite Matrix
  83. Rose Quartz Specimen, 2'' rough natural Rose Quartz Crystal
  84. Top 10 Healing Stones Meanings U0026 Benefits
  85. AAA Quality Natural Larimar Round beads Rock Crystal Quartz Elastic Bead Bracelet Healing Reiki Energy0.51inch Valentine's Day Gifts
  86. Second smaller in size rare hand carved apophylite druzy crystal skull carving
  87. 3.45LB Natural Labradorite Sphere,Quartz Crystal Ball,Polishing Labradorite Ball,Jewelry,Rock,Crystal Healing,Divination Ball,Energy Sphere
  88. Blue Lace Agate Tower, Blue Lace Agate Point, Blue Lace Agate, Pillar, Points, Obelisk, Healing Crystals
  89. Moldavite, Genuine Raw Green Tektite
  90. Feng Shui Natural green phantom quartz crystal PiXiu pendant 38gram
  91. Witch Vibes Crystals For Beginners
  92. HAND POLISHED EXTRA Large Polished Amethyst Druze Crystal Cluster With Cut Base 2 Pounds ea.
  93. Phantom Amethyst Scepter, Perfectly Formed Phantom Amethyst, Deep Purple, (9 in ), Intact Dragon Tooth Amethyst -633g 1.4b 9.3in
  94. Clear Quartz Large 1 Lb. 4 oz. Crystal Ball 2 Wide Polished Sphere Beautiful Altar Display Stunning Silver and Rainbow Inclusions
  95. Pyrite Shaman Stone, Seer Stone (Clear Vision), Sacred River Concretion, New Find, Shaman's Gold, Protection, Colombia Z350
  96. 127.4g Sikhote-Alin Meteorite Shrapnel from Russia (1947) RARE
  97. Rose quartz dolphin, crystal dolphin, love, kindness, caring, crystal gift
  98. Cleaning Negative Energy From Crystals
  99. 2kgs 3pcs Special rare 3 colour green,Tosca, black of andara Crystal Monatomic natural rough
  100. Clear Quartz Generator for Manifestation and Clarity
  101. 4.8 SHOW Amazonite Crystal Skull with Horns 120mm 1106g
  102. Chabazite Zero Point Generator ZEN Crystal of Peace and Calm Powerful Stillness Stone of Laser Focus and Goodbye Anxiety 3.0
  103. Large Clear quartz point Large featured crystal point Energy empowering
  104. Rare Meteorite Created Gemstones
  105. 163 gm Raw Morganite from Nigeria, Large Natural Morganite Piece, Raw Morganite, Natural crystal, Raw, large Morganite
  106. Huge 4.2 K9 Crystal Carved Crystal Female Alien Skull, Labradorite Eyes and Haven Eye, Crystal Healing - Free Shipping
  107. Electric Glowing Blue and Green Fluorite Crystal Large 13 oz. Generator 4 Tall Rainbow Inclusions Metallic Flashes Fast Free Shipping
  108. Rare Dark Green Tourmaline with Purple Apatites and Bertrandrite
  109. 4Pcs Extremely Rare Elestial Phenakite Phenacite Crystal 14Cts Collectible Natural Phenakite Specimen Crystal Healing Rough Synergy 12
  110. Do Gemstones Give Witches Magical Powers
  111. Polished Garnierite Freeform Crystal, 28.9 oz Green Moonstone Crystal
  112. Large Shungite Merkaba Sculpture (Russia B533) 1.4 pounds weight
  113. Green Chrome Orgonite Pyramid
  114. 334-680gr in 6pcs Mix 6 Colours small set of andara Crystal Monatomic natural polished surface rare
  115. HAPPY Orgone Generator Custom Water Charging Plate
  116. SATYALOKA Rose and Yellow AZEZTULITE Set High Vibration Crystal Bracelet
  117. Medium Clear Quartz Cluster, White Crystal Quartz 300 999g Updated 12 17
  118. 186 ct Vorobyevite Beryl Crystals with Quartz unknown metallic crystal on Feldspar
  119. Chunky Natural Citrine Double Terminated Crystal with Rainbow Inclusions
  120. Amethyst Geode
  121. Throat Chakra Balancing Orgonite Pyramid Lamp- Vishuddha
  122. Do Crystals Really Heal You
  123. Celestite Raw Cluster Crystal
  124. 3.19LB Rare Natural malachite ball,quartz crystal sphere,Home decoration,crystal collectio,rock,stone,gam,Museum quality,Reiki Healing 89mm
  125. LARGE Gold SHEEN Obsidian Crystal Skull 5 Long 14.5 Circumference
  126. Custom Intentions Pyramid
  127. Beautiful Bournonite specimen
  128. Clear Quartz Crystal Multi Point Large 17 lb. 10 oz. Generator 11 Tall Big Transparent Crystal Point Sparkling Rainbow Inclusions
  129. Extra Large Selenite Tower Mountain Lamp 16 10 lbs (light hole on bottom) Light and Cord included and LED color light included
  130. Science Facts U0026 Metaphysical Properties Of Crystals
  131. 6 Ocean Jasper Carved Crystal Pillar Tower 153mm 814g
  132. Rare Beveled Blue Fluorite from Yaoganxian, China, Fractal Fluorite Cluster
  133. Metaphysical Crystals
  134. Certified Glossy Big Moldavite
  135. Natural Amethyst Crystal from Brazil Natural mineral purple Gemstone Tip collectible minerals gift
  136. Elestial Auralite 23 Crystal Point Gorgeous Natural Color And Minerals Within Definite Collectors Piece
  137. Aquamarine Crystal Specimen with Muscovite, AQS3
  138. Rare Extra Large 4.75 LB Amethyst Crystal Cluster Geode Sphere on Metal Stand Amethyst Crystal Crown Chakra Crystals for Anxiety
  139. The Secret Lives Of Crystals Lata Govada Tedxbrixton
  140. Pink Amethyst Druzy Sphere from Brazil
  141. How Crystals Became A Multi Billion Dollar Industry
  142. Large Brazilian Clear Quartz Towers with Rainbows
  143. Rare Rabbit Design Chevron Amethyst Sphere (102 mm)
  144. 424C06 253g RARE Mosaic Chalcedony Tower Healing Crystal for Nurturing,inner reflection, dissipates Negative energy Chakra Alignment All
  145. Arcturian Crystal Skull With Tiger Eye Eyes. Group Consciousness And connection To Arcturian Counsell. Healing from lower density. 159D
  146. 1.23LB Natural Malachite Sphere Quartz Crystal Ball Sphere Mineral Specimen Reiki Healing Stone Divination ball Collection 1PC
  147. Debt Removal Build Wealth and luck White Light Magick Energy Ring Rare Proven
  148. 4 Phantom Amethyst Tower Polished Amethyst Tower Fingerprint Amethyst Ametrine Amethyst Root Tower 385g
  149. Questions For Pseudoscience Crystal Healing Ft Addictedtoignorance
  150. Gold Rutile Cognac Smoky Quartz Display Specimen Hair of Freyja
  151. Ocean Jasper Point Tower Crystal Wand Generator (Large) Reserved For Hayley
  152. Eccentric Smokey Smoky Quartz Point Crystal withFine Gold Rutile Other Crystals Imprints Potent RAW Natural Water Clear And Mesmerising In Sun
  153. Natural Ruby gemstone carving precious gemstone jewelry Red Gemstone Jewelry, Ruby Pendant, Rustic Jewelry, Best Jewelry Gifts for Her
  154. Healing With Crystals Part 2
  155. Certified Big Moldavite with Olive green color
  156. Are Healing Crystals Of The Devil
  157. 73 gm ASTROPHYLLITE half polished Palm Healing Crystal and Stone AY31
  158. 1.1kgs(022)special 5pcs yellow, milky red, milky yellow, milky green blue, Bicolours of andara Crystal Monatomic natural rough
  159. Amethyst Geode, High Quality, Polished, Triangle Shape, Brazil, Large Geode, Calcite on Amethyst, Crystals for Sleep, Meditation and Anxiety
  160. What Does The Bible Say About Crystals For Healing Your Questions Honest Answers
  161. Healing Crystals A Beginners Guide U0026 My Experience Cat Meffan
  162. 81 Ct. Colorful Garden Penetrator Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant 24
  163. Healing With Crystals Part 1
  164. 7 Healing Crystals To Attract Balance U0026 Tranquility
  165. FREE SHIPPING 3lb Large Jasper Skull, Crystal Skull, Yellow Jasper
  166. 211 Ct. Sparkly Pyrite Galore Included In Quartz Crystal In Sterling Silver C 94
  167. Tourmaline Crystal Set, Green and Black Tourmaline Set, Crystal Healing Pack, Green Tourmaline, Black Tourmaline, Mercedes Benz Tourmaline
  168. Large Smoky Quartz Tea and Root Beer Colored Crystal Cluster From Minas Gerais Brazil
  169. 767g Pink Amethyst Crystal Sphere with stand, 83mm
  170. 8,7kg The Calming Graceful Baby Pink Andara Crystal Monatomic
  171. Quartz Crystal Light, Night Light,Chakra ,meditation,Lamp,Healing ,Lamp,Birthstone ,Crystal light, Specimen ,Quartz Lamp,Clear Quartz, Gift,
  172. Rodin coil scalar toroidal vortex wave generator
  173. My Favorite Crystals Their Meanings U0026 Magic Jenna Dewan
  174. How Do Crystals Work Graham Baird
  175. Quartz Crystal Colored Singing Bowls Set Including 7 bowls Sizes 6 12 432 Hz Two Carrier Bags
  176. How Healing Crystals Became A Cultural Phenomenon Annals Of Obsession The New Yorker
  177. XL Labradorite Sphere, Polished Labradorite Crystal Ball, Healing Crystal, LS09
  178. Clear quartz Twin Tower
  179. The Talia Pyramid 8 sided Giza pyramid with copper legs
  180. calcite and fluorite specimen calcite crystal cluster with cubic fluorite on matrix China
  181. Uruguayan Amethyst freeform with Quartz inclusion
  182. Beautiful Scolecite Shiva Lingam Scolecite Crystal Large Scolecite Eggs Scolecite Lingam Healing Crystals Crystal Healing Reiki
  183. Amethyst-Vera Cruz Amethyst- Amethyst On Matrix Thin Laser Points Amethyst cluster from Mexico