Metaphysical Crystals


  • Intuition Mala Necklace, 108 6mm beads, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Sterling Silver, Prayer Beads, Meditation, Spiritual Gift, Purple Silk Tassel
  • SOLD OUT Reserved for Kathryn Payment 1 of 2 Fluorite Crystal Quartz Large 12 lb. 12 oz. Generator 12 Tall Rainbow Purple
  • Large Green Fluorite Crystal Grid for Manifestation- Chevron Amethyst, Amazonite, Quartz
  • Large Cubic Fluorite Specimen
  • Fluorite Owl Rainbow Fluorite owl crystal healing fluorite crystal owl carving hand carved owl display piece decoration for home owlette
  • Rainbow Fluorite Tower
  • Large High Quality Emerald Green Fluorite Sphere, Rainbows, Green Fluorite, Crystal Ball, Sphere, Gemmy Gem
  • Azurite Sphere (Peru)
  • Rainbow Fluorite Dragon Skull
  • Rainbow Fluorite Tower
  • 1680g NATURAL Pink FLUORITE Quartz Crystal Mineral Specimen Y162
  • 1954 Gram Damage Free 100 Natural and Unheated Blue Lapis Tumble
  • Extra Large Purple and Green Fluorite Tower
  • Electric Glowing Blue and Green Fluorite Crystal Large 13 oz. Generator 4 Tall Rainbow Inclusions Metallic Flashes Fast Free Shipping
  • Rare Beveled Blue Fluorite from Yaoganxian, China, Fractal Fluorite Cluster
  • Arcturian Crystal Skull With Tiger Eye Eyes. Group Consciousness And connection To Arcturian Counsell. Healing from lower density. 159D