Metaphysical Crystals


  • 2 A Smoky Citrine Skull 90g, Natural Untreated Unheated Citrine Skull, Super Realistic Crystal Skull, Carved Citrine Gemstone from Brazil
  • AMAZING Nature Large 4.7 Polished Fantastic Natural Black Obsidian Jasper Crystal Quartz Healing SKULL, Healing, Collection, Gift, M2
  • Unique Raw Citrine Crystal Stone Druzy Piece 435g (Beautifully Gift Wrapped)
  • Huge Natural Quality Red Petrified Wood Jasper Geode Sphere, Healing, Collection, Gift, Decor, L
  • Himalayan Clear Quartz Double Termination Special Surface Patterns Healing Crystal Meditation Crown Chakra 97g
  • Mica ore
  • Lemurian Seed Crystal Minas Gerais Brazil
  • Rare Orange Color Smithsonite from Mount Erciyes, Kayseri City, Turkey
  • Amethyst Pyramid, Amethyst
  • Large A 3.75 Amethyst Geode Crystal Sphere Ball Purple Agate Sphere Graft and Gift Attracts Wisdom, Love, Peace of mind
  • Large Faceted Terahertz Skull, Terahertz Crystal Skull, THz Skull, Terahertz Stone, THz Stone, Stone Skull, Health Power Stone
  • Natural Quartz Crystal Skull,Skull Rainbow Carved, Hand Carved Quartz Skull, Spiritual Healing Energy
  • Amazing Flash Nature Polished Silver Obsidian Sphere Obsidian Sphere Ball, Healing, Gift
  • Natural Crystal Pendant, Inner Scene Carving Fish , Reiki Healing L071423
  • Bright Malachite Sphere with Stand
  • Natural Polished Fossil Coral Sphere Ball, Healing, Reiki, Gift, Decor
  • FREE SHIPPING 3lb Large Jasper Skull, Crystal Skull, Yellow Jasper