Metaphysical Crystals


  • 210 g Herkimer Diamond Cluster, Excellent Clarity with Rainbows, Dolomite Crystals
  • 2 A Smoky Citrine Skull 90g, Natural Untreated Unheated Citrine Skull, Super Realistic Crystal Skull, Carved Citrine Gemstone from Brazil
  • 229g NATURAL Unique Green skeletal Elestial QUARTZ Crystal Specimen
  • Pink amethyst with agate display large rare high quality crystal specimen on metal stand home decor crystals
  • Extremely RARE Chrysocolla Polished Sphere Crystal Specimen from Africa
  • RARE Himalayan Clear Quartz Cluster Specimen Huge Statement Piece from India
  • Heulandite Celadonite India Heart Chakra Emotional Healing through the Awakening of Compassion Connecting Brain to Heart
  • 3 lb Natural CITRINE Generator 7 Polished Point, Grade AAA from Brazil CG16 shrm
  • 1977g 100 NATURAL Green skeletal Elestial QUARTZ Crystal Point Specimen B299
  • Large Brandberg Lustrous Quartz, Prehnite and Epidote Crystal Specimen, Namibia
  • 2lbs Amethyst Crystal with Stand
  • Green Terminated Quartz Crystal Green Tourmaline Specimen
  • 1680g NATURAL Pink FLUORITE Quartz Crystal Mineral Specimen Y162
  • Malachite raw, natural heart chakra healing, crystaline and stalactite specimens from Congo
  • 1502g Madagascar Rare Split Ammonite Fossil Specimen Shell Healing
  • Massive Apophyllite and stilbite specimen very clear directly from a total show piece it s definitely a great collection piece
  • 73 gm ASTROPHYLLITE half polished Palm Healing Crystal and Stone AY31