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HOLY Chintamani Deep PURPLE CINTAMANI Jewel Dragon Pearl 11

HOLY Chintamani Deep PURPLE CINTAMANI Jewel Dragon Pearl 11
HOLY Chintamani Deep PURPLE CINTAMANI Jewel Dragon Pearl 11
HOLY Chintamani Deep PURPLE CINTAMANI Jewel Dragon Pearl 11
HOLY Chintamani Deep PURPLE CINTAMANI Jewel Dragon Pearl 11
HOLY Chintamani Deep PURPLE CINTAMANI Jewel Dragon Pearl 11
HOLY Chintamani Deep PURPLE CINTAMANI Jewel Dragon Pearl 11
HOLY Chintamani Deep PURPLE CINTAMANI Jewel Dragon Pearl 11
HOLY Chintamani Deep PURPLE CINTAMANI Jewel Dragon Pearl 11
HOLY Chintamani Deep PURPLE CINTAMANI Jewel Dragon Pearl 11

HOLY Chintamani Deep PURPLE CINTAMANI Jewel Dragon Pearl 11

This offering is for this exact beautiful deep purple cintamani, one of the rare wish fulfilling chintamani jewels. This color is stunning in person. It was photographed outside, back lit by the sun, by a small flashlight indoors and an led desk lamp in the dark.

They all measure around 4 inches high and weight about 2 pounds and about the size of a softball. Some have no idea and yet are strongly attracted to one for no apparent reason. They are not ornamental decor; they are tools to be used in the advancement of personal ascension. They are meditational focus tools and ancient relics believed to have originated in tibet.

The tibet flag flies the wind horse and on its back are three wish fulfilling jewels. They are represented on thangkas, around borders, in bowls at the foot of buddha. They appear in buddhist and hindu art we observe yet overlook the obvious. They are often shown in small groups of three sitting quietly or flaming.

They may have traveled south into india to the meru trail in the gurhwal himalayas, uttarakhand from tibet in the north east. I believe they were stored there for a while before being moved to cambodia outside of angkor wat where they were buried for some time before being moved again, later to thailand.

The reason for this was most likely conflict. Periodically they turn up in stone markets being called everything but what they are. The very first time i saw one was an especially silvered dark blue with mountains.

It still sits on my desk. At first glance, it's not much to look at. It hides under a silvered cloak not revealing the beauty inside by refracting light off of the jewel.

When i back lit this unremarkable gem, my jaw dropped. I was looking at a three-dimensional placement map of an exact location. Later i found a few more offered for a small fortune. Quickly i made the right connections inside of the buddhist temple to procure more for my own private collection. The obsession for these orbs is near instant and one gets rather possessive and protective of them without a little caution. They are made of ancient glass, volcanic ash, most likely obsidian and some contain an external layer of funerary ash. I believe the original reason for them to be created was to honor a spiritual teacher's passing. On graduation of the monastery one was gifted to a young monk and he was instructed to leave to create his own temple. This is where i believe jesus was gifted his cintamani during his educational years traveling and learning under masters. Jesus had traveled during his missing years, silent years, lost years from one spiritual teacher to another. His travels were to include india, egypt twice, persia with the magi priests in zoroastrianism.

Quite a few parallels between lao tzu and the quotes of jesus show common reflections that most ascended masters have undertaken in their lives. The painting salvador mundi by leonardo davinci is contested. It depicts jesus holding a mysterious glass, calcite or rock crystal orb.

Little is known and much is subjective conjecture about what the orb really was. I believe it was a cintamani gifted to him either by indian or by the magi in persia. He earned this gift by graduating his studies. This upset quite a few theologians who would rather discredit the piece as an original rather than explain the content. Three dots on the orb is often used as a symbol for the cintamani. The painting was modernly cleaned and restored prior to being auctioned. It still represents a time close to the end of his missing years. This brings us to the laws of attraction and most likely the reason you are really here. Although always practiced, this seems to have begun to become popular only recently.

There is nothing recent about the practice. The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you, don't go back to sleep you must ask for what you really want. Don't go back to sleep. (jalal rumi, 13th century poet). They all seemed to know the secret long before it was made popular.

Obscure texts are often discounted when they don't fit the narrative of the church. The book of enoch and thomas are fascinating reading materials. Jesus himself never claimed to be more than a normal man even when he claimed he (as we all are) a part of god.

We are all the children of god. John 14:12 in whatever version makes you comfortable, even the least among you can do all that i have done, and greater things. Manifestation is not necessarily about attracting to gain what you want. Want implies lack and creates more want. Manifestation is about an understanding and awareness that you attract what you are.

You are a co-creator equally as magnificent as any ascended master ever born. Ascended master means one who has perfected the path and no longer has to return but does so in order to help and serve humanity.

More or less, its above and beyond even what we consider perfect. We raise our vibrations by searching inward.

Spending time in meditation is very important to connect with the higher self. I do this daily after giving thanks. The memory of god comes in silence. We begin to remember what is internal and begin living from that place. This is a good time to have private conversations with yourself, your creator, and the entire universe which we are a part of.

This is a great time to shed habits. I highly suggest you take the time to meditate in silence calming your mind down to nearly no thoughts so you can simply listen. Keep a note pad and a pen. Resonance is an important aid to raise a lower vibration to a higher.

We use crystals for this sometimes. Crystals provide order and amplify your transmitting energy outward. Although i love all of my stones, and have been rock hounding for nearly 60 years, nothing comes even remotely close to the energy dispersed from a cintamani during meditation.

Working with them for long periods of time, and with a number of them, can easily cause vertigo and i suggest a grounding stone or preferably a nap afterwards. Focus can be easily obtained using a meditation object. Any object that you are fond of will work as well as any other. This may be one of your favorite crystals, a stone from a sacred spot, or place of fond memories. It really doesn't matter what it is, just that you can focus on it in your hands while silencing your mind. I have come to find that the cintamani shorten the time period between asking and the opportunity, the synchronicity for the desired result to cross your path. Usually i get two swings at this change or object and if you do not take action it's seen as ignoring the gift and it will not present itself afterwards. Know when and do it without excuses or reservations. This is how things come into fruition using the laws of attraction. I have discussed methods and results with others regarding the use of these mysterious orbs and the answers were incredible.

One constant in life is change, be it for the better or worse, which really can be influenced through prayer for the best of all involved without changing a path or imposing on the free will of others. A word about prayer, prayer is not the words, it's the emotion from the heart that is projected. The words are secondary to the emotional request. At best a tool is an amplifier or conduit but you are the source of its power. If a placebo heals from within, then there is no reason you cannot completely repaint your entire story at will.

I invite others to comment and share. One thing they all have in common are radical changes for the positive bringing chaos to order. You should be careful about how you use them.

Use them to express your greatness and gratitude. Christ is a consciousness and a little is in every act of kindness. Surely you can change what you need simply by looking within and willing it as already done. Sarira phra thad, sarira phra that, sarira phra tart or sarira phra tad, dizang, wish fulfilling jewel, fire pearl, flaming pearl and dragons pearl are all the same relic symbolic representation of the sacred pearl of wisdom. There are also many other different names but they are all buddha relics.

I believe these antique balls are rolled in crematory ash of buddhist monks which is actually the same as memory or memorial glass. This varies from non-existent to heavy depending on the jewel. The term sarira comes from the sanskrit word for body , and can be used for relics like teeth or parts of buddha's skull, it typically refers to the crystalline traces that remain after a respected buddhist's corpse is burnt. The wish-granting jewel has also served historically as one of buddhism's most important repositories of buddhist relics -- the ashes, fingernail clippings, hair, bone, or teeth of the buddha.

The outer silvered layer on the stone is most likely beta tricalcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite residuals. (bone) they were made in numbers in mainland asia and in japan, and represent the internationalization of buddhist teachings, as each nation that received the buddhist philosophies erected numerous stupa designed with jewel iconography or containing a wish-granting jewel. They are very positive energetic entities.

In japan, this jewel signifies the bestowal of blessings on all who suffer, for it grants wishes, pacifies desires, and brings clear understanding of the dharma. Jizo monks are often carved holding one of these spheres. Statues of ksitigarbha sitting or standing with a monk's staff in the right hand and cintamani in the left hand are common. They appear in tibet, india, japan, thailand, cambodia and laos and are associated with the hindu, buddhist, daoist and jain. There are basic colors that are known and authentic. Clear - slight greenish iron residual tint but absolutely white when back lit. This often has a very pale hue. Clear green hue - which contains more iron and maintains a greenish hue even back lit. The amount of iron present determines shade.

Aquamarine - the lightest of the blues, a remarkable beauty, the darkest of the clear types. Light teal - a variant of aquamarine, a light stone unlit. It favors blue and is stunning in person. Teal / a true 50/50 mix of blue and green - on first observation it is a variation of emerald green but lighter and very bluish green.

Only a dozen are in private collection to my understanding. There are three variants total. One is true balanced teal, green teal, blue teal and all three are distinctive from each other. Green teal 80% green, 20% blue or less. It's not grass green.

Emerald green - a dark forest color that is mysterious and beautiful. The smaller chintamani are grassy green and brighter. Sky blue with mountains - one of the most beautiful of the blues with wonderful detailed mountains that are like a 3-dimensional map.

One is a very light pale blue and the other, dark blue with mountains is midnight blue on top illuminating bright blue and azure mountains. Ocean appears to be a dark blue with mountains but has distinctive waves that are lighter and a darker top. Two versions were observed, one light with green mixed into the top, one being very dark blue with light blue angry waves.

Turquoise - a nice mix of primarily light blue with a very slight green. This is the sister stone to the sapphire blue. Dark sapphire blue - a deep pool blue. Periwinkle blue - a gray blue purple favoring gray blue with only a small percentage of purple. This is a very uncommon color.

I know of a few large in collections and a few dozen of the smaller. Dark blue / midnight blue with light blue beautiful moonlit mountains - often the top has a celestial star pattern when lit from the side. These are perhaps the most beautiful and changing of all of these wonderful jewels.

Unlit they look like silvered round stones hiding all of the hidden beauty exposed by back lighting. Violet blue purple - an unbelievable mix of deep purple and cobalt blue. This is one of the most coveted colors. Amber - two variants have been observed. One is paler and browner, the other a bit more orange. These strange stones block out sunlight but allow passive back lighting in total darkness. The smaller chintamani are easily back lit and bright. Black / true jet black - these are very rare and authentic stones and they are very hard to come by. There are four variants known: the first is a total black out, no light passes through or escapes, total blackness. Cranberry black the second allows passive light penetration and has a deep cranberry flash that comes out of the jewel similar to a garnet. Cranberry black teal the third type is a cranberry teal black dichroic that back lights teal green blue around the edges and deep cranberry purple in the center. This color shift is quite pronounced when back lit using a small led flash light.

Black smoky blue the fourth is black externally yet passively back lights to a dark, smoky, blue gray green very easily. This is the rarest of the black types to date. I have seen semi fake black variants. Most are authentic clear white or light green cintamani but have been dyed black externally. The reason for this is the true black are just simply rare and desired.

I do not advocate the embellishing of any relic. There are also different forms of cintamani. Most are about a kilo, 4 inches, 10cm round or cylindrical, being taller than wide. There are a few exceptionally tall, these are few and far between. Round - the round variants vary by height, width, can even be irregular.

The smaller versions are round and most uniform at about 60mm. There are a few that are pointed on top. These are round forms rolled into a triangle and most likely displayed arranged in a circle, i do not believe these were personal items but more of a display item in a temple. Bars - similar rectangular bars exist. Very little if anything is known about these rare and esoteric forms. They have been observed in emerald green, purple, .

Please note that all of these cintamanis are as collected by myself and have not been modified, embellished, painted, or dyed. The cintamani acts as a conduit, as an instrument, as an enhancement to a gift that is already deeply ingrained in our souls, but you must allow the connection to complete itself. It has been said that these awe-inspiring stones find their owners across miles and miles of earth and sea, and across chasms in time and place.

This is impossible to prove, but i have personally seen these cintamanis make amazing journeys, with circumstances aligning into almost unbelievable phenomenon, until they land in the right hands. People who have received these precious gifts have reported many different levels of connection with these stones, but they have all expressed a common feeling of deep emotion that is created by their personal contact with these artifacts.

As a mirror to our own existence, the inner light resides within the outer shell and can be expressed in different ways, different colors, different feelings, and can be thought of as an empathy to our own inner light, making meditation deep and restorative, and sometimes possible for the first time for people who have been unable to achieve that inner peace. Each of these sacred gems are different in character and energy from one another. This item is made of glass and stone, ash, joy, intent, happiness.
HOLY Chintamani Deep PURPLE CINTAMANI Jewel Dragon Pearl 11